Commercial Water Treatment Replacement Media

Resin & Filter Media

Integrity Water Solutions is your one stop shop for Resin and Filter Media.  We carry only the best from PuroliteDowSybron, ResintechKDFClack and NHG.  Media comes from both natural sources and man made materials and has a life expectancy.  Resin Media’s will oxidize and break down over time due to the chlorine that is added to our water by the municipalities in order to sanitize and protect us from harmful bacteria and parasites.  Additionally, these resins degrade each time the system regenerates due to the scrubbing effect that is key to removing iron, sediment and other contaminants from the resin bead.

Filter Media also has a life expectancy, as its ability to absorb and remove contaminants from the water is based on the Media type, the concentration of contaminants in the water, the efficiency of the system, the contact time and the volume of Media in the vessel.

If you are experiencing low water pressure, calcium build-up on fixtures, iron stains, lime deposits, spotty dishware, odors or off taste in your water…give us a call. It may be time to replace the Media in your Water Conditioning System.

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