Fleck 6700XTR

Advanced Electronic Residential Control Valve



The residential 6700XTR offers a two-line, sixteen character LCD backlit display for easy entering of master, diagnostic, and user programming. No need to memorize codes or letters to program or read screens! Time of day is maintained during power failures, offering peace of mind and steady, treated water as needed. The polycarbonate cover is UV-stable, flame retardant, and protects against moisture, dust, and dirt.”


  • Shift Key: Allows digit selection in user and master programming modes
  • Diagnostics
  • Current flow rate
  • Peak flow rate (can be reset)
  • Totalizer (can be reset)
  • Hours between last two regenerations
  • Hours since last regeneration
  • Volume remaining (adjustable)
  • User Program and Master Programming Modes
  • Programmable Auxiliary Relay Output
  • Dry contact relay
  • Program entire regeneration
  • Program during cycle position
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Blue: In service
  • Green: In regeneration
  • Green: In regeneration


  • Auxiliary Switch
  • Backwash Filter
  • Double Backwash
  • Meter Initiated Regeneration
  • Metallic or fiber-reinforced polymer bypass
  • Upflow Regeneration


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