Commercial Water Solutions for the Food Service Industry

Is poor water quality causing broken down steamers & espresso machines, spotted glasses, and bad tasting water?

Integrity Water Solutions provides a Total Water Quality Management Program for all facets of the food service industry, from independent coffee shops to large restaurant franchises. We take a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one by properly designing, installing and maintaining systems to prevent problems from happening. We install and maintain water filtration systems for restaurants, cafeterias, cafes and other food and beverage establishments of all sizes. Central water filtration systems feed water to ice machines, post-mix systems, steamers, coffee makers, dishwashers, and of course, drinking water point of use. These systems can be installed both Pre and Post Construction.

Better Tasting Food and Beverages

Poor water quality effects not only drinking water, but any beverage made with water or ice. This includes coffee, tea and fountain drinks. Water with higher chlorine levels can dilute the flavor of fountain drinks, requiring a greater ratio of syrup per dispensed drink to maintain flavor. Fruits and vegetables can also pick up water impurities if they are not cooked after washing affecting taste and quality. Integrity Water Solutions’ water filtration systems remove impurities from the source water, before it gets to a point of use in your restaurant. Water and ice are cleaner and clearer, so all of your beverages start with pure water and taste the way they should.

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Reduced Maintenance Costs

Hardness, minerals and sediment can cause build-up in machines that require a constant flow of water. These types of accumulations can lead to equipment malfunction, causing costly delays and repairs. Our water filtration and softening systems remove impurities before they get to your machines, significantly reducing your need for repairs and maintenance.

Less Equipment Down Time

Instead of using expensive, on-going chemical treatment to counteract impurities, a water purification system removes excess minerals and sediment before water is fed to your machines. Since the only thing running through your machines is pure, clean water, equipment runs much smoother and with far fewer problems.