Arizona Custom Water Softener and Filtration System

For Residential, Commercial, Industrial and High Purity Use

Providing Clean, Safe and Delicious Tasting Water for Your Home or Business

Integrity Water Solutions provides clean, safe and delicious tasting water for your home or business. From drinking to bathing and cooking, you will notice the wonderful difference every time you turn on the tap

Our Processes


The first step to designing Water Conditioning Systems is testing to determine the specific types and levels of impurities.


Based on the type of impurities and the amount of water you use, we will design a Water Conditioning System to meet the specific needs of your office, facility or home.


All Water Purification Systems are installed on-site by Integrity Water Solutions staff. We ensure that your Water Conditioning System will work within the space available and always conforms to plumbing code.


We provide service and maintenance contracts on all Water Conditioning Systems we install, as well as on those
installed by others.

Independently Owned and Operated

Integrity Water Solutions is a non-franchised, independent company that is not tied to certain brands or products. Every Water Conditioning System that we install is designed and built to accurately address a specific water problem and water quality needs. We choose based on strong and diversified experience, which systems will work best for your situation.