Clack WS3 Control Valve

Water Specialist Control Valve



  • 3” top mount or side mount control valve suited for commercial and industrial applications
  • Epoxy coated lead free brass valve body
  • Economical stainless steel optional meter assembly
  • Service flow rate 250 gpm (946 lpm) (56.8 m3/h), Backwash flow rate 220 gpm (833 lpm) (50.0 m3/h)
  • Solid state microprocessor with easy access front removable POD
  • Front panel display for Time of Day, Current Flow Rate, Totalizer and Volume/Days until Regeneration
  • Four methods to initiate the down flow regeneration; meter delayed, meter immediate, time clock delayed, aor pressure differential
  • Fully programmable regeneration cycle sequences (maximum 9)
  • Fully programmable regeneration cycle times
  • Pre or Post treated water regenerant refill
  • Days override feature; 1-28 days available
  • Capacitor back-up with up to 24 hour carry over
  • 20-volt output AC adapter provides safe and easy installation
  • Reliable and proven DC drive
  • Patented one piece expanding seal spacer stack assembly U.S. Patent 6,402,944
  • Patented linearly reciprocating piston operation U.S. Patent 6,444,127


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